Auto on the FIRE SAFETY battery for the PA0197 remote control

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Prekės kodas: PA0197

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dwu osobowy Wóz strażacki, samochód zdalnie sterowany, pojazd akumulatorowy, autko na pilota, zabawka, efekty dźwiękowe, efekty świetlne, megafon
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A toy car for a large battery The Fire Brigade with sound and light effects will meet any firefighter s call.
The car is equipped with the necessary firefighting attributes that will be necessary during rescue operations such as a loud megaphone, a red cock, a siren sound effect, a fire engine.
A remote-controlled fire truck for a small firefighter will be useful in every fire-fighting unit.
The fire engine has 2 x 12V 35W motors + 1 x 12V 10h gel battery + 2.4 GHz PILOT for the parent.

The 2.4GHz fire brigade can be controlled by a parent with a remote control, but a young firefighter can drive the car on its own, as you already know the driving rules. It has a switch for front, rear and switch for slow or fast driving.
On the other hand, the parent can control the speed of the vehicle with the help of the remote control, he has control over the braking of the vehicle at the moment when the child went to the wrong place.
The fire truck from Jokomisiada is equipped with the necessary firefighter accessories, such as a fire extinguisher, which is mounted on the back of the vehicle and is used without any problems. The car has an opened door with a lock, and open storage compartments at the back of the vehicle, in which the child can hide the necessary accessories. The car is equipped with soft EVA wheels, thanks to which the car will be pleasant to drive. Springs at the back of the vehicle will also ensure travel comfort. The fire engine has a free start, it is a big advantage for such a large vehicle, because the car moves smoothly without any jerk, so there is no risk that it will jerk the vehicle and the child will get scared. The brake works immediately after the child has removed the leg from the accelerator pedal. The wide armchair is lined with eco leather, with safety belts. In the car there is a music panel to which you can plug your own MP3 equipment, phone ect, or you can use the uploaded songs. On the board there are also sound and light effects switches, as well as the biggest fun megaphone. With the help of a megaphone, a young firefighter will be able to publicize his arrival, warn about the threat, call a unit to stand by, etc.:)

The dashboard has:
- music panel has loaded happy tunes and USB inputs, mini SD card, MP3
- the red button activates the vehicle - then you can hear the sound effect of the vehicle being ignited
- a small red switch is responsible for switching on the lights at the front
- forward-stop-back button
- button for sound and light effects (siren effect and flickering roosters)
- button responsible for fast and slow driving
- steering wheel with buttons responsible for activating the horn and changing the melody
- illuminated clocks
- a megaphone responsible for making the driver s voice heard, while cocks are used while using the megaphone

Advantages of the vehicle:

- a vehicle designed for two children
- opening door with a blockade
- open storage compartments on the sides of the vehicle, a perfect locker for the necessary fireman s accessories
- a comfortable two-person armchair covered with eco-leather with safety belts
- 3-way chair adjustment
- fire-fighter mounted on the back of the vehicle
- slow, gentle start
- soft EVA wheels, ensure comfortable driving
- at the front of the vehicle there is a holder for the parent to tow the vehicle
- at the back of the vehicle there are small retractable wheels on which the fire brigade can be pulled

2.4GHz remote control of the parental control function:
- turning on the remote control (after switching on the remote control, it synchronizes with the car)
- forward / reverse button
- right / left turning
- S - 3 speed levels
- STOP - brake (blocking the car)

The car is for self-assembly. To place a vehicle, you need:
- one optional two men
- screwdriver
- key
- something to drink wet or hop ...
- good intentions
- and the Lord s satisfaction and recognition in the eyes of a woman
- child smiling and happy
- in case of questions, we offer professional help during business hours

The best quality, unique, trouble-free and safest children s vehicles only from JOKOMISIADA GARAGE.
The toy is intended for children aged 3-6.

Akumuliatorius 12V 10Ah
Amortizatoriai tak tył
Atidaromos durys tak
Atstumas nuo sėdynės iki pedalo 30-34 cm regulacja 3 stopniowa
Aukštis nuo žemės paviršiaus 12 cm
Baterijos įkrovimo laikas 8 h
Garantija 12 miesięcy
Garsinis signalas tak
Garso efektai tak
Kita informacija megafon, zestaw gaśniczy, uchwyt dla rodzcia, chowane kółeczka do ciągnięcia pojazdu
Kėbulas plastikowa
MP3 failų nuskaitymas tak
Maksimali apkrova 35 kg
Maksimalus greitis 2- 4 km/h
Muzikos skydelis tak
Nuotolinio valdymo pultas 2,4 GHz
Nuotolinio valdymo pulto elementai 2 x 1,5 V AAA (brak w zestawie)
Pakuotės matmenys 134 x 74 x 54 cm
Ratai średnica 37 cm;szerokośc koła 11 cm
Ratų tipas miękkie koła EVA
Rekomenduojamas amžius 3 +
SD atminties kortelės jungtis tak
Svoris su pakuote 36 kg
Sėdynės diržai tak
Sėdynės išmatavimai szerokość 51 cm;głębokość 20 cm;wysokość oparcia 32 cm
Sėdynės tipas fotel pokryty ekoskórą
Transporto priemonės matmenys długość 133 cm;szerokość 83cm;wysokość 71 cm
Transporto priemonės svoris 35 kg
USB jungtis tak
Vairavimas 2 x silnik 12V, RPM 10 tyś obrotów
Vartotojo vadovas tak
Važiavimo rėžimai 3 x biegi do przodu 1 x bieg do tyłu
Veikimo trukmė ok. 1-3h
Įkroviklis tak
Švelnaus pajudėjimo funkcija tak
Šviesos efektai tak
Parašyti atsiliepimą