Auto pilot version of the X6 + Door MP3 PA0101

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Prekės kodas: PA0101-ZI

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We are introducing the latest addition for this season. The car for a young driver.
Mega-equipped car with opening doors, amazing lighting effects, pleasing to the ear music, realistic sound engine simply mega grazing. The latest version of the soft start and braking, will provide 100% comfortable ride for your child. Auto has a strong engines 12V + 2 x gel batteries x 6V 4,5Ah + PILOT for a parent.
We are introducing the latest addition for this season. Mega-equipped car with amazing light effects, a nice ear for music, realistic sound engine. Realistic auto delight every little driver. Perfect performance, chrome, plastic additives, illuminated clocks, gadgets music module type, light effects is what will definitely attract the attention of any young driver. Auto with doors opening to gain recognition in the eyes of every driver. The vehicle can be controlled with the remote control or the child can control autkiem yourself, as I know the rules of driving. Vehicle intended for the youngest kids, I had a check as a birthday gift or for another occasion.
Wheels toy cars are dipped rubber band, which are designed to dampen vibrations and loud ride on hard uneven ground.
With 2 powerful engines and 3 speeds, the vehicle easily cope with the hills, bumps or grass. The car has a brake acting on the foot off the gas pedal. And also the emergency brake on the remote control stop thanks to which parent will have control of the driving of the child. 3 speed switch is located on the remote control. While driving toy car lights colored lights, steering the car has a button beneath which hides the sound of the horn and the sound of the engine. The car can also connect your own music equipment type Mp3, so that a child riding will be able to listen to their favorite songs, fairy tales, etc. Professional bucks for a small Smyk.
On the dashboard is:
- Button responsible for starting a vehicle with a sound imitating the engine
- Jack for driving forward / reverse / stop
- Clocks speedometer, tachometer (dummy)
Music module with:
- A SD
- Input for Mp3
- Entrance to the USB
- Loaded merry melodies
- Turn down, turns up, changing channels, tracks
The steering wheel is:
- Buttons responsible for setting up the sound of the horn
- Buttons responsible for setting up a merry tune
Pilot 2.4GHz parental controls:
- The inclusion of the pilot (after switching the remote synchronizes with the car)
- The driving forward / backward
- Turning left / right
- S - 3 speed settings
- P - brake (block car)
Strong advantages of the vehicle:
- Soft start, the car moves smoothly and softly
- Two powerful engines
- Two gel batteries
- Drive the two rear wheels
- LED lighting
- Contoured seat
- seatbelts
- 3 speeds forward
- 3 reverse speeds
- Opening doors with lock
- Folding mirrors
Toy is for self-assembly. You need to submit a vehicle:
- One optional two men
- screwdriver
- key
- Something to drink wet or hop ...
- Good intentions
- And the satisfaction of the Lord brick and recognition in the eyes of women
- A child smiling and happy
- If you have questions we provide professional assistance during working hours
Best quality, unique, flawless and safest vehicles for children only GARAGE JOKOMISIADA.

Akumuliatorius 2 x 6V 4,5Ah
Atstumas nuo sėdynės iki pedalo 24 cm
Aukštis nuo žemės paviršiaus 12 cm
Baterijos įkrovimo laikas 8 h
Garantija 12 miesięcy
Garso efektai tak
Išmatavimai długość 100cm - szerokość 66cm - wysokość 61cm średnica koła 22cm - szerokość koła 10cm
Išskirtinės savybės Moduł muzyczny, otwierane drzwi, szerokie koła, 3 prędkości
MP3 failų nuskaitymas tak + kabel do MP3 + wejście na mini karta SD i USB
Maksimali apkrova 30 kg
Maksimalus greitis 3 x Prędkość pojazdu I 3 km/h, II 4 km/h, III 5km/h
Nuotolinio valdymo pultas 2,4 GHz
Nuotolinio valdymo pulto elementai tak 2 x 1,5 AAA (brak w zestawie)
Pakuotės matmenys 105 x 59 x33cm waga z kartonem 17kg
Rekomenduojamas amžius 3 +
Spalva zielony
Sėdynės diržai tak
Sėdynės išmatavimai szerokość 36cm - głębokość 17cm - wysokość oparcia 29cm
Transporto priemonės svoris 14 kg
Vairavimas 2 x 12 V
Važiavimo rėžimai 3 x biegi do przodu 3 x biegi do tyłu
Veikimo trukmė 1 - 2 h
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