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Wielofunkcyjna kasa fiskalna z waga, kalkulator, mikrofon, czytnik kart, ekran led, skaner, akcesoria, nauka angielskiego
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An interactive cash register for a child with full equipment and lots of attractions will delight every small entrepreneur. The set is made very effectively of high-quality plastic in nice colors. The multitude of attractions included in this cash register will ensure every child a lot of positive time. An additional advantage of the toy is learning English, where the child will learn the pronunciation and spelling of a given product. A great idea for learning while having fun!

Cash register attractions:

LED display - displays the scanned products, showing the product on the screen with the signature and with the pronunciation in English and a picture related to the product.
For example, if a child scans the product, he will hear it and see:
- a carton of milk, a picture with a carton of milk and the word white milk will appear on the screen, the price and the correct pronunciation of this word, and of course the child will also hear the mooing of the cow!
- eggs - white egg - pronunciation, price, fried egg
- fish - fish - price, pronunciation, inscription, fish
- fries - yellow french fries - price, pronunciation, oil sizzling
- bread - yellow bread, price, pronunciation, a slice of bread
- price carrot, orange carot, the sound of a crunch, and of course a rabbit with a carrot
- apples - green apple - apple biting sound, correct pronunciation, bitten apple
- bananas - yellow banana - correct pronunciation, price, banana in the picture
- grapes - purple grape - price, pronunciation, fruit
- chilli pepper - Mexican music, price, pronunciation, pepper

The calculator works with the voice effect. When performing mathematical tasks, the child hears the voice of the teacher who speaks aloud the numbers pressed in English. The toy itself encourages you to play, learn and shop.
The microphone works after pressing a button, then the child can transmit voice information to the store staff.
Card reader - works after swiping the card - then a pin is required, everything is like real hardware, including signing. The toy has a lot of interactive functions for learning and fun.

Kit equipped with:
- cash register with a terminal, scanner, microphone
- shopping cart
- groceries
- credit card
- badge
- bills of $ 1.5.10

All the fun is accompanied by a nice voice of a child s teacher and colorful lighting effects.
Toy powered by 4 x AA 1.5V batteries, not included.
The Jokomisiada store offers a number of Hola toys that children love. The cash register has been packed in an effective packaging, it will be perfect as a gift.

Informacija apie prekę
Rekomenduojama mergaitėms. berniukams. unisex
Rekomenduojamas amžius 3 +
Svoris 1.2 kg
Akumuliatoriai/ baterijos 4 x 1.5 V AA (pridedama)
Kita informacija
Pakuotės matmenys 42.5 x 22.5 x 18.5 cm
Sertifikatas CE
Parašyti atsiliepimą