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Great tank in 1:20 scale well equipped US M1A2

Tanks are superbly reproduced in 1:20 scale models of the behavior of even the smallest detail.
TANK has 3 different speeds forward, turning in place the ability to rotate the head (to 140 degrees) and adjust the position wyskokości barrel (up to 30 degrees).
After pressing the FIRE button on the remote control tank shoots plastic balls with a diameter of 6mm to the target at a distance of up to 25m.
The advantage of this model are also strong tracks that can move in August in difficult conditions. On the tank (head) is the OFF / ON, which runs cannon into which pour balls.

Tank has features such as:
- Driving forward - backward
- Turn right - left
- Recycling site
- Riding in a spin
- 3 different speeds - SPEED I, II, III
- Authentic sound effects during shooting
- The effect of recoil when firing
- Raising and lowering the barrel
- 2 buttons on the remote control causing FIRE shooting balls of land head
- 2 LED glowing light when you turn the tank

Parameters of the tank:
- Length: 33 cm
- Width: 17 cm
- Height: 18 cm
- Barrel length: 19 cm
- Fun time after charging approx. 40 minutes.
- The diameter of the balls to shoot: 0,6cm
- Caterpillar width: 2.7 cm
- Distance shot: up to 25m
- Magazine capacity to 20 rounds

Parameters of the remote control:
- Length: 14 cm
- Width: 15 cm
- Height: 5 cm

Set includes:
- tank
- pilot 2,4 GHz
- antenna
- Rechargeable 9.6V 750mAh
- 9V battery
- charger
- shield
- Balls for shooting
- śrubokręcik
- manual
- Two rifles to tank
- Tanker
- Antenna to the tank

Tank is packed in a safe, durable plastic frame and packed in a cardboard box. Due to the technical capabilities toy is recommended for children over 8 years old. Cannon can shoot a bullet at a distance up to 25 meters. It is recommended to use the tank in accordance with its intended purpose.

Notes on the use of toys during play:
1 Use eye
2 Do not aim in animals
3 Do not use the toy in public miejcach
4 When finished, turn off the cannon
5 Do not aim at the face
6 Do not put your fingers in the caterpillars of tanks

Package dimensions:
Length: 54 cm
Width: 25 cm
Height: 22

1x 9.6V rechargeable batteries (included), 1x 9Vx for remote control (not included)

Akumuliatoriai baterie akumulatorek 1x 9.6V (komplekte yra), ;1x 9Vx do pilotasa (komplekte nėra)
Pakuotės matmenys 54 cm x 25 cm x 22 cm
Rekomenduojama berniukui
Rekomenduojamas amžius 8 +
Sertifikatas CE
Svoris 3 kg
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