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Race track, with bends and loops, two super fast racing cars

Gyro wheel Magnetiq is an arcade toy for people who like novelties.
How it s working?
Place the disc on the rails and move your hand and wrist to set it in motion. Movement of the wrist up, down or to the right, the left will put the disc in motion and start to glow. The faster it rotates, the more the lights flash.
After a little practice, you can throw it from the rail onto the floor or other flat surface and watch a light show.
The gyroscope has amazing light effects, and is really easy to use. For larger tricks, some exercises are needed, and the intended effect will be achieved.
Set contains
- disk
- a handle with a metal rail

Dimension of the toy 21cm
The toy allows you to do wrist exercises, it works great for people who spend a lot of time in front of the keyboard.
Exercises start the wrist and let you continue to work freely.
Also, it is a nice gadget for people who like arcade challenges.
We encourage you to buy.

Pakuotės matmenys 20,5 x 14 x 12,5cm
Rekomenduojama mergaitei;berniukui;uniseks
Rekomenduojamas amžius 3 +
Sertifikatas CE
Svoris 0,8 kg